The 94th Annual Flintridge Horse Show

Savannah Dukes: 1st ASPCA Maclay, 7th USEF Hunter Seat Medal

Elli Yeager: 1st LAHJA Junior Medal, 3rd USEF Hunter Seat Medal, 5th ASPCA Maclay

Sarah Jane Haskins: 1st WIHS Hunter Phase, 3rd WIHS Overall, 3rd CPHA Foundation, 5th USEF Hunter Seat Medal, 7th ASPCA Maclay

Morgan Dickerson: 2nd WIHS Jumper Phase, 2nd WIHS Overall, 4th, USEF Hunter Seat Medal

Emily Maclean: 2nd WIHS Hunter Phase, 4th WIHS Overall, 8th ASPCA Maclay, 8th USEF Hunter Seat Medal

flintridge tandemCongratulations to ┬áSarah Jane,┬áMorgan, and Savannah on their 2nd place finish in the Tandem Hunt Teams class where they dressed as Disney’s Frozen!

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