Ransome Rombauer Reserve Champion at 2015 CPHA Foundation Finals

“…As often happens in challenging, high-pressure competition, the leader board changed a bit after Round 2. The best rides were executed by Gross, with a 90, and Rombauer with an 88. They entered the work-off with only 1.25 points separating their averages of 89 and 87.75. Eight more riders earned a spot in the top ten work-off, with scores averaging at 80 or above.

The work-off required a demonstration of two figure eights around specific markers, one at the sitting trot and one at the counter-canter with a flying change, followed by a hand gallop to fence 7. Requiring skill and balance from both horse and rider, five of the ten returning competitors scored 80 or above.

Suspenseful until the final announcements, the work-off scores were announced at the same time as the top ten ribbon winners, in reverse order. Sydney Hutchins, who rides with Elvenstar, jumped from seventh to third with her work-off score of 90 and final total of 170.75. Gross and Rombauer held their top two spots, with work-off scores of 86 and 85, finishing with final totals of 175 and 172.75.”

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CPHA Foundation Equitation Championship Final, 21 & Under
Place – Entry – Name – Trainer
1. 382 – Miela Gross – Emily Esau Williams
2. 248 – Ransome Rombauer – Daniel Ighani and Karen Healey Stables
3. 788 – Sydney Hutchins – Elvenstar
4. 760 – Emily Maclean – Devon Gibson and Karen Healey Stables
5. 178 – Mitchell Endicott – Pegasus Show Stable
6. 448 – Nina Vogel – Far West Farms
7. 443 – Cayley Boyd – Far West Farms
8. 719 – Peyton Warren – Jill Humphrey
9. 484 – Gracie Marlowe – Leslie Steele
10. 331 – Jacqueline Vail – Kelly Van Vleck

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